Stand #: C105
Networks & Infrastructure

ControlUp allows IT professionals to observe, analyze & optimize the digital employee experience, from VDI and applications to physical endpoints.

Our Products benefits:
• ControlUp helps IT keep remote teams productive and happy.
• Easy-to-deploy platform, enabling IT to deliver a great digital employee experience.
• Reins in spending by eliminating software licensing and related services.

ControlUp Products at a glance:

• ControlUp Real-Time DX: Real-time, actionable dashboards to pinpoint and proactively fix problems unique to users’ virtual desktops and applications.

• ControlUp Remote DX: Extending IT visibility into the digital experience of work-from-anywhere employees for EUC environments

• ControlUp Edge DX: ControlUp Edge DX allows you to monitor your users’ Windows-, Mac-, Linux-, and IGEL-based physical endpoints in real time, regardless of their location

• ControlUp Scoutbees: Test and report the availability of your EUC virtual apps, VDI desktops, and your web- and network-based resources all from a single place

• ControlUp Insights: Powerful analytics, detailed reporting and actionable findings—right out of the box—with no hardware or operational investment.

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