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ML, AI & Automation New for 2023

Supercharge your IT service desk with Pia. With over 100 automations and integrations ready to go, Pia aiDesk delivers a complete solution to automate your business. PSA agnostic, ISO 27001 and SOC accredited means we integrate seamlessly and can manage millions of requests day after day, safely and securely. Want to see your IT service desk workload reduced by 50%? Simple. Pia. Pia aiDesk will analyze, route and action repetitive tasks with ease. We provide consistency and efficiency every time, which means you have more time to focus on your business rather than in it.  With Pia you will see improved service time for clients with 8x faster ticket resolution and +400% improvement in ticket closure rates. The revolution of IT service management is here. Discover how Pia can hyperscale your business.

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